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Nakano Toastmasters Club


What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organization to improve your public speaking and leadership skills.

=> Toastmasters International — “Who we are”

Regarding Nakano Toastmasters club >

* Language : English
* Meeting venue : Nakano Zero
* Meeting Schedule : The 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month  18:30-20:30

For guests >

We are always glad to welcome new guests. If you want to know more about our meeting, please contact us beforehand.

* Email :
* Facebook :
* Meetup :

Guest can attend our meeting for free.

Membership >

* Admission fee : 4,000 JPY(one-time fee)
* Membership fee : 7,200 JPY(every 6months)
* One toastmasters manual – Pathways will be provided.

What’s Pathways? See below!

Here are THREE principles from Nakano TMC for you;

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Meeting Schedule:

* Please check the latest schedule and venue on our official Facebook page!

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